Baby it’s cold outside! Okay not really, but it will be soon

What is the deal with August? As soon as August hits the weather cools, it rains a bit more, and back to school commercials are everywhere! Back to school means autumn is on it’s way. What better way to stay warm and look super cute than an infinity scarf? I must have 20 scarfs but I didn’t hop aboard the infinity train until this summer when I realized that they are incredibly easy to make. I just learned how to knit this past winter and I haven’t been able to make anything aside from scarves. So if I can do this anybody can do this!

The scarf shown is child size, adult sizing and instructions will follow. For this size I used 1 skein of wool (170 m) and size 15 knitting needles. Cast on 30 stitches. I used the plain old garter stitch because I can’t do anything other than that. Feel free to fancy it up any way you like. This scarf measured 30 inches when I was done. Cast off.

Lay the scarf flat. Take one corner and twist up.

Fold in half and sew along the seam. Flip it so the seam is on the inside and you are done!

This scarf is super easy and only takes a few hours to complete.

For an adult size use twice the amount of wool. Cast on 40 stitches and increase the length to 36 inches.

086 090

Easy, cute and perfect for fall.

3 thoughts on “Baby it’s cold outside! Okay not really, but it will be soon

  1. So excited to make this Sarah! It is a perfect project for my limited knitting skills which consist solely of casting on :-/ Did you sew it by hand at the end or with a machine?
    Sofie is the perfect model, so gorgeous!

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