A boy and his love of crayons

My little guy  has been asking me to make pictures for his room for a while now. I tried a few things that didn’t pan out so I kept putting it off. Meanwhile he kept asking.  Look at how sad he is that he doesn’t have pictures in his room. Actually he is just mad that I had a camera in his face.


Eventually I bent to his request and we made a trip to the dollar store in search of some art supplies. By supplies I mean crayons and 3 canvases.

I had recently seen art like this done on Pinterest so I decided it would be the easiest/cheapest way to go.

All you need is crayons, a hair dyer and a canvas. I started off by peeling the crayons and holding them over the canvas to get the “splittity splot”  effect that Callum is so fond of. Unfortunately it was burning my fingers so that stopped pretty quickly.


I needed to find a way to make this work without getting 3rd degree burns. My weapon of choice… a fondue fork obviously

It worked like a charm. 004

When it was all said and done I asked Callum how he wanted his pictures placed. He said “one up, one down, and one waaaay down. You know like stairs.” He then ran out of his room like a crazy person. I called upon my hubby to hang the pictures. I am not allowed to do this because I don’t use a tape measure and make a mess of things which results in a lot of anger.


This is how they turned out. I really like them. Fast, cheap and easy to make. Most importantly Callum thinks they are cool.

Remember to cover your work space in newspaper. Just trust me on this. You do not want to spend your time scraping splattered crayon off your kitchen counters.

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