Nearing the finish line

The office is soooooo close to being finished! I can not begin to tell you how excited that makes me. I haven’t been able to post anything in the last week because Chris and I have been busy reorganizing the office (which of course leads into reorganizing the rest of the house), painting filing cabinets, and making this HUGE desk. Having such a large work space is so wonderful. Thank you to my amazing husband for creating this masterpiece.

Here are some pictures of the office turning from a nightmare into a dream work space

So close to being complete!


The desk is 10 feet long so I had to take the picture from outside and I still couldn’t fit the whole thing in the frame!

Chris painted the filing cabinets white and bought new silver handles for them. The drawers looked like this before.

Pretty terrible! Chris will be building a small platform to raise them up a few inches. That way they can support the weight of the desk. I was thinking of putting some kind of fancy stencil on the front but I think I like how it is now.

The chairs were a steal! I got them for $11 marked down from $60! I would like to thank my mother in law Clare for introducing me to the wonderful world of Home Sense which is where I found this bargain.


I wish I had picture of how Chris put this together but of course I forgot to take some. Basically Chris got three 10 foot pieces of walnut and glued them together. He then sent it through a planer to make it nice and smooth.  He oiled it up 3 or 4 times and then gave it a nice polish with some bees wax. All in all it took only a few days to complete it. I have said it about a zillion times in the last few days and I think it needs to be said again…I am thrilled with how this has turned out.

To finish the space off we will be heading to Ikea to get a cabinet to hold office supplies that will go above the desk and an area rug. I am also thinking of spray painting the chairs. Maybe silver or white or maybe I will just leave them black.

This is a desk that I can work at! No clutter (on my side anyway), lots of storage, and most importantly the hubby and I can work side by side now and not have to fight to have access to the desk.

More office updates coming soon.

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