A taste of Autumn

Happy Thanksgiving! What a perfect holiday weekend. The weather has been warm and sunny. It still feels like summer and is not at all what you would typically expect Thanksgiving weekend to feel like. But I am not complaining, I love this weather.

We celebrated the holidays at my father’s house last night. As we sat down to dinner we all said what we were thankful for. We are a pretty sarcastic bunch so we said things like “I am thankful for beer” and “I am thankful that my kids are sitting at a different table”. Things turned serious when it came time for dessert. Cakes and pies are no laughing matter.  It was Chris’ birthday so I made two cakes. A yummy chocolate cake for the birthday boy and an apple sauce spice cake which I found at an amazing website called Texanerin . She has the BEST gluten free recipes!  I think it is safe to say that we were all very thankful for this gem. It was amazing. It tastes like fall. Spicy and moist with a hint of apple flavour. It is happiness on a plate.

The cake is delicious on it’s own but the glaze adds a whole other level of tastiness.


As you can see Callum has decided to forgo the fork and just lick the glaze off the cake. Kids are so smart. Why bother dirtying a utensil when you have perfectly good hands and a mouth that can get the job done.

Once again Happy Thanksgiving, and I hope every one has a great long weekend!

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