Goodbye Summer

Sad to say but summer seems to be on the way out.  My gardens are no longer green and vibrant. Most of the colour has drained out of the flowers or they have completely died back. The crazy hot and cold flashes of weather that mother nature brought this summer did a number on quite a few of my plants and grasses. Luckily my hydrangeas seemed to thrive. I had more blooms this year then I ever have.  We planted three more hydrangea bushes this year. This brings our hydrangea total to seven.  I might have a bit of an obsession. My favourite part of spring is seeing them start to bloom. They are absolutely gorgeous throughout the summer, but I think they are even more beautiful in fall. Their colour goes from a vibrant pink to a muted and rich rose.





I was recently inspired to use the plethora of hydrangeas that I have by a post from


table top


The first thing I needed to do was get Chris to build me a decorative trough. The instructions for it will come in October. He is never happy when I add to his list of projects. Luckily building this took less than an hour so he couldn’t be upset for long.

Now to fill it with dried hydrangeas…

Drying hydrangeas can be hit or miss. Your best bet is to cut the stems at an angle, take off all the leaves and place in a mason jar of water. Leave them in the jar until all the water evaporates. This can take some time, possibly a week or more. By the time the water is gone your flowers will be dry but not a shriveled mess.



I put some florist foam in the bottom of the trough. I got two blocks of it from the dollar store for $2.50. I use it just to give the hydrangeas some stability and lift. This way they aren’t piled on top of each other.

This was the final result.




I am really pleased with how it turned out. I decided to forgo the white pumpkins for now. I’m not totally ready to admit that fall is here.  This seems like the perfect transition piece to go from summer into fall.

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