DIY Monogram pillow

My niece Z was over a few weeks ago and decided Sofie’s room was the place to be. She is five and into dolls, dressing up and all things pretty. When she saw the pillow on Sofie’s bed she fell in love and asked me to make her one. It’s hard to say no to such a cute face.


I made pillows for Callum and Sofie a few years ago. They sleep with them every night.

All you need is a drop cloth from the Home Depot, some felt and a few beads

I started by printing out a large Z

IMG_1229 IMG_1231

I pinned the Z to the felt and cut it out

I also had templates to make the flowers which are also made of felt

The pillow itself it very easy to make. Measure out the size you need and cut it. I made a envelope opening in the back. You need to measure the back piece a bit longer than the front so the top piece overlaps the bottom.

Drop cloths are prone to fraying. It is not a good look. To prevent fraying I finished off the back side by doing a simple hem. Basically you just fold the edge of your fabric over twice so it looks nicely finished.


You can find a tutorial on simple hems here

It is much easier if you sew your letter on before you sew the pillow together. After the letter is attached you can assemble your pillow by sewing together all four sides.


Make sure that the good sides are facing each other. There is nothing worse then realizing that you have made a mistake and have to take all your stitches out.

Turn your pillow out and attach the flowers by hand.

The flowers are incredibly easy. Cut out the flowers and then stack them. Doesn’t get much easier then that.




Add a few pearls for sass and to give it a finished look.


I think Z will love it!





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