Chalkboard Pumpkins


We are not carving pumpkins this year.

No, I haven’t put a ban on Halloween, and no it isn’t for religious reasons.

It is so I can keep my sanity intact.

Every year the kids get all excited about carving their pumpkins and helping to pull out the guts only to bail as soon as the knife touches the pumpkin.

I am also allergic to pumpkins. A serious case of hives plus my abandonment issues equals a mama that has had enough.

Of course I won’t deny them the joy of having pumpkins, we are just going to go about things a bit differently this year.

We are doing chalkboard pumpkins. This way they can choose how they want their pumpkin to look, and they can change it on a daily basis. Added bonus of course is the lack of mess and I won’t have to stock up on Benadryl pre-carving.

First thing you need to do is wash your pumpkins. I use a 1/4 cup of bleach in a sink full of warm soapy water. The bleach helps your pumpkin to last longer. Please wear gloves for this step as bleach doesn’t do anything good for your skin.


After they are dry tape off the stem with painters tape.


Then spray away

According to the instructions on my can of paint you need to do at least two coats in order to have a chalk board finish. I did three just to make sure.

After letting the paint dry for 24 hours cover the entire surface with chalk in order to cure the paint

After wiping off all the chalk you can decorate until your heart is content.


Sofie wanted a glittery pumpkin

I painted part of the pumpkin with chalkboard paint.


When it was dry I covered the paint with painters tape that I had cut out into the shapes of eyes and a mouth


Spray paint it white and when it is dry add some spray glitter and remove the tape with the help of an exacto knife.


I think they turned out really well.


I do not recommend leaving the pumpkins outside. First it will probably ruin your paint, secondly if you live in the midst of a dense squirrel population like I do they will probably get eaten.

Callum needed to paint a minion as well. He is OBSESSED with Despicable me! More on the minion how to in an upcoming post.

IMG_1302 (2)


Quick, easy and mess free. Now that’s my kind of Halloween decoration!

PicMonkey Collage halloween

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