A mother’s love


I would like to take a moment to introduce you to a friend of mine. Her name is Kyla and she is the mother of two beautiful girls and a precocious little boy.

Kyla shares the struggles that most mothers can relate to. Being over tired, feeling over worked and playing therapist, maid and care giver to her family.

There is one struggle that I can not relate to. Her daughter Mischa has Asperger’s Syndrome.

Mischa is a wonderful girl. Sweet and loving with an affinity for animals. To see her and listen to her you wouldn’t know that internally she struggles to feel comfortable in social situations.  To see her in class you wouldn’t know by her quiet and well behaved demeanour that inside she is struggling to keep up with what her teacher is saying.

Last year Mischa had support in her class. She had an educational assistant for 3/4 of the day. This year her support was removed.

Kyla and I joke that she needs to start throwing chairs and behaving badly, and although it would be totally out of character for Mischa it sadly would be the most direct route to getting her the support that she needs.

Mischa is not alone in dealing with her Asperger’s. It is a family affair that Kyla has bravely chosen to document on her new blog Embrace Aumazing.

I hope all of you will enjoy reading her blog as much as I did and that it can help to remind all of us that just because you can’t see the struggle it doesn’t mean that it isn’t there.


One thought on “A mother’s love

  1. Reblogged this on embraceaumazing and commented:
    I wanted to post my friends Blog so you could take the time to maybe connect with her too.

    Sarah and I first connected while I was working at her children’s school. It is funny how some people you just connect with right away! She is one of those people, and it wasn’t just our hilarious, sarcastic personalities that connected us. There was just a familiarity that I felt as soon as I met her.
    Sarah is a mum, a business woman, and just an amazing person! I hope you will enjoy her blog as much as I do!

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