Outdoor Holiday Decor

outdoor planter

After last weeks blast of snow I wasn’t sure that I would be able to get outside to decorate. Luckily we had a thaw this week and although it has been rainy and windy I am still determined to decorate before the next round of wintery weather begins.

My go to for Christmas decorations has always been and will always be the dollar store.

I found these awesome bows for the pillars in the front for $2 each. At another well known retailer they were $8 each. The dollar store bargains always amaze me.


Over the weekend my step mother Nancy and I took the kids to an urn making workshop at The Watering Can. This has become our new tradition.

The kids made Grinch trees and had a blast.

Nancy and I made these beautiful urns.


I highly recommend going to one of their workshops. We had so much fun and our instructor was awesome.

I made the planter box in front of the dining room window in a similar style to the urn.

It looks so sad and depressing when it is empty


I started with cedar for the first layer


Then I added some pine for fullness


I usually only have a few large ornaments in the basket but it never seems like enough so this year I am putting in several in a variety of sizes

I used ornaments from the dollar store (where else) and glued them to bamboo skewers so they wouldn’t fly away


They look like ornament weapons


I glued the end of the skewer and around the base of the ornament just to make sure it was secure

Then I stuck them into the dirt

I think it looks great and very festive.


Callum pointed out that it matches the wreath on the door


Now to put up the lights…

Maybe I will leave that job to Chris



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