Faux Fur Tree Skirt

tree skirt

Every year I get more and more frustrated by the amount of cat fur left behind on our tree skirt

As soon as the tree goes up the cats immediately gravitate to it and refuse to leave for the next month.

I am getting pretty sick of the clumps of hair


I decided that this year I would stop fighting it and make a tree skirt that could conceal their mess

Faux Fur is easy to work with, inexpensive and looks and feels snuggly warm

I bought the fur from Joann Fabrics it was only $6.49 a yard!

I used two yards

I used my old tree skirt as a template.


Fold in half once and then fold in half again so it looks like this


Fold the fur the same way and cut out around the template


As you can see the cats are already obsessed with the fur

Cut up one side so you can wrap the skirt around the tree

This whole project took a grand total of 3 minutes

I stuck some Velcro on the sides so it wouldn’t slide around as soon as the cats were on it


As you can tell the cats are big fans of their new comfy spot





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