Brie and Jam Appetizer

appetizer pic

Last Saturday we had plans to go to a friend’s house for dinner.

We were asked to bring an appetizer.

The days leading up to Saturday were chaotic at best. We had just gotten home from Quebec, I had dozens of cookies to make and ice and work was quite busy.

I didn’t have the time or brain power to make anything complicated

So I came up with this gem using Provisions fruit pastes. I mentioned Provisions Food Company as one of my favourite things in a previous post.

It is so simple and quick. It took only 10 minutes to make 2 dozen of these little bits of heaven

You only need 4 ingredients

Phyllo pastry


Fruit paste or jam

Melted butter

Heat your oven to 375 degrees

Using a pastry brush cover one sheet of phyllo in butter

Cover your remaining phyllo with a damp cloth. Phyllo dries out very quickly and will become flaky and impossible to work with.

Take a second sheet of phyllo and lay it on top of the first sheet. The butter helps the sheets stick together and helps to add flakiness.

Using a paring knife cut the phyllo into 6 slices


Put a piece of brie and a teaspoon of fruit paste on the end of each slice

Take one corner and fold it up towards the other side to make a triangle


Repeat until you get to the end of the phyllo


Cover in melted butter and make for 5-7 minutes or until they are golden brown


Word of warning… let these cool off for a few minutes before you dive into them. They are hot!!!

Not bad for only a few minutes of work.


If you need a quick, easy and inexpensive app to bring to a holiday party I think this one hits the mark.

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