Winter Real Estate – Why listing in the winter can benefit a seller


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I am sick of snow

I am sick of the cold

I want to be lounging on a beach with a drink made of coconuts with a tiny pink umbrella in it

Sadly a vacation to paradise is not in the cards right now

Why you ask…because I am busy selling houses!

Yes there is two feet of snow on the ground and it shows no sign of stopping.

Yes it has been -20 or colder several times this winter but buyers are still looking.

Why is the market so hot right now?

Because some sellers know that selling in winter can be more beneficial than waiting until spring.

Let me tell you why…

Less Competition

With few houses for sale and a plethora of buyers a seller has the unique opportunity to show case their home without the spring market competition. .

Less competition equals more buyers viewing your property and a better chance of an offer coming your way.

The holiday advantage

Many sellers wait until after the holidays to list. It is understandable but consider this… the thing most buyers consider after deciding on if their furniture will fit a space is where their Christmas tree will go.  Problem solved if your house is decorated for the holidays. You can show that there is ample room for family celebrations and just how warm and welcoming it can look during the holiday season.

Added bonus…If you have decorated outside with an urn or lights you have instant curb appeal.

Make things warm and cosy

A fireplace isn’t a huge selling feature in the summer when it is 90 degrees outside but it is a dream come true to a buyer that has just come in from the cold.

Features such as newer windows, furnaces, roofs and insulation are a huge selling point in the winter months.

Buyers want to know that the house won’t be drafty and that they won’t have to pay through the nose to heat the place.

Showcase your entry way or mudroom

In the summer mudrooms and entry ways are typically clear of clutter.

In the winter they are strewn with boots, snow pants on the floor, and coats piled on top of one another. It’s not an inviting look.

Not having adequate storage for winter clothing is rarely considered during flip flop season. Now is the time to show that your home can be neat and efficient during the winter months. A considerable bonus to families with young children.

Smoother transactions

Lenders and real estate agents aren’t typically as busy during the winter months which means that buyers and sellers will get more attention which can result in less wait times and smoother sales.

Who doesn’t love having their calls returned promptly and have a sale go through with minimal hiccups?

I hope I have shown you why listing your house in the winter is nothing to fear.

While it is great to show off your garden and pool in the spring and summer, it is even better to beat the other sellers to the punch and to have a sold sign up and money in your pocket.









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