Master Bedroom Re do Part 2



You may remember that shortly before Christmas I had posted about wanting to finish off our master bedroom.

It was still blue and it felt very cold and unwelcoming.

I had hoped to have it finished before Christmas but as usual life got in the way and we didn’t end up finishing it until last week.

This is what our room looked like a few months ago

Here is what it looks like now

It’s amazing what a coat of paint can do for a room. We use Benjamin Moore’s Collectors Item

collectors item

It is a soft cream that takes on a bit of a pinkish hue depending on the amount of sunlight in the room.

I find change terrifying so as soon as Chris started painting I had immediate regret.


I do not feel that way anymore!

Our room feels so relaxing and bright. I really love it.

Chris took care of painting the room because I am no longer allowed to paint. I have no patience and end up splattering paint every where so aside from helping with the headboard my only contribution was to paint the light fixture.

This is what it originally looked like


I initially decided to paint it Mother of Pearl but it was incredibly sheer. After the first coat I knew that I could either waste my time doing coat after coat or I could paint it an opaque colour and put the mother of pearl colour over top.

IMG_2014 IMG_2018

For the opaque colour I used Martha Stewart multi surface craft paint in Putty.

putty pmep-mother-of-pearl

I used two coats of the putty colour on the  inside and outside of the shade and two coats of the mother of pearl just on the outside.


All we need now is new closet doors which will come in the spring.

I am so happy that our room no longer feels like a dreary pit. So happy that it has made me want to tackle our upstairs bathroom. By me I mean Chris, and by tackle I mean painting and installing a new floor and vanity. Stay tuned for an upcoming post on our bathroom re do.




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