DIY Wrapping Paper


It was the night before Sofie’s birthday and I was feeling pretty good. Presents had been bought, the cake had been made but something was nagging at me. I had forgotten to do something but I couldn’t figure out what it was.

Then it hit me. I forgot to buy wrapping paper.

We have approximately a million gift bags and miles of tissue paper in our basement but there is something about watching a child tear into a gift on their birthday that is so fun. Not to mention that no child likes to have to be careful with the tissue paper and bag so their mom can save it later.

After searching and searching I discovered the only wrapping paper we had in the house was covered in snow men and Santa Claus. That was not going to cut it.

I was just about to grab my keys and drag Callum to the store with me when I spied a lone roll of craft paper hiding in the corner of my office.


I grabbed some paint, taped down the paper to the counter, and Callum and I got to work

Surprisingly Callum was not sold on this idea. Every time I told him painting his hands would be fun he would say “I’m not taking what you are try to sell me” I think he was trying to use the line “I’m not buying what you’re selling”.

Regardless of how he felt I slapped some paint on his hands anyway and we started making handprints on the paper.

He really got into it once I said he could paint my hands.

The whole project took 3 minutes and about 20 minutes of drying time.

Sofie loved her gifts and her wrapping paper.

I must admit for a last minute idea it turned out super cute!


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