Farewell Old Friend-Sugar cookies with Royal Icing

Today is the last day of school for my kids.

While we are super excited about summer vacation we are also sad because our school is closing.

We have been lucky enough to spend the last 7 years surrounded by amazing teachers and families that have supported the school community through out the years.

Everyone is sad but also optimistic for the future. Three schools will be amalgamating and forming one large school.

The idea of 600 plus children in one space is overwhelming to all of us. Our school has 200 and some days that seems like too many.

The plus side of this is that the kids will be able to make new friends and will have a state of the art facility. There is always a silver lining.

So today we say goodbye to a school that has stood for 95 years. It was there during the great depression and through World War 2. It has seen families from all walks of life come through it’s doors. It educated our children and was a safe place for all. It supported those that could not afford to feed their families or buy Christmas presents for their kids. It is truly a happy place. It is a community.

Of course you can’t have a school community without teachers. They are the back bone of the school and they deserve a huge thank you for all that they have done for our students and our community.

The best way I know of to say thank you is to bake.

Sugar cookies are an easy and tasty gift to give.

I got the sugar cookie recipe from Sweetopia

Sugar cookies can be very time consuming. They are easy to make but you have to chill the dough for a long time.

I roll out my dough and chill it for at least 2 hours.

I also chill the dough after cutting out the shapes. Refrigerate for 30 minutes to an hour. If your dough is warm it will spread and that just looks awful!


Next comes the royal icing. I always find it tricky to get the right consistency. Too stiff and you won’t be able to flood the cookies. Too watery and your outline will be running down the sides of your cookie. I found this recipe and it has never failed me.

I based my cookies on the school t-shirts which is a collegiate style M and stars. I got the cookie cutters from cheapcookiecutters.com

A lot of people do the outline and then let the cookie sit for a while before they flood it. That’s not the way I roll. I like a seamless finish and I flood the cookie as soon as the outline is done.


I make sugar cookies for the teachers each year. This year I made them for all the teachers in the school. It was time consuming but so worth it. Everyone loved them.


mem cookies

Here are a few pictures of cookies I have made for the teachers in the past few years


ice cream

Today is bitter sweet. We say goodbye to an old friend and are getting ready to move forward into a new community with familiar and unfamiliar faces. Change can be daunting but as a good friend told me today, sometimes you need change and a challenge to be the best that you can be. So we will shed our tears and celebrate an amazing place filled with memories that will be cherished for years to come and continue forward on the path that we need to take.

Farewell Memorial School

One thought on “Farewell Old Friend-Sugar cookies with Royal Icing

  1. Well said. Amazing looking cookies! You’re dedication is appreciated I’ m sure. Although it is really sad Memorial is closing ( myself and grandma went there) think of the opportunities our kids will have, clubs suited for every interest etc

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