Fall & Winter Staging

fall and winter

I have always found that it is really easy to stage your home in the summer. After you clean the house you can add in a few fun and colourful throw pillows, open the windows to let in the natural light and your home is ready to show.

Fall and winter are a bit different. Especially before and after the holidays.

How can you make your home look warm and inviting without breaking the bank?

With a few key pieces you can go from fall to winter without having to worry about things clashing with your holiday decorations or making the house seem cluttered.

My first piece of advice when staging is always get an area rug.

They help to define the space and makes the room look complete and put together.

Take a look at this space before staging.

It’s okay, but a bit bland and because of the length of the room the furniture looks awkward placed the way it is.

Here is the same room with an 8 x 11 area rug added


The space is instantly defined. You can clearly see where the seating area is and the furniture no longer looks like it was randomly placed.

Anyone that has been in my home knows how much I love throw pillows. I change them all the time depending on the season.

Throw pillows and blankets are an inexpensive and easy way to add colour and coziness to a room.

I found these great pillow covers from Ikea

At $9.99 and $4.99 they are too cheap to pass up and they come in a multitude of colours.

This pillow cover and throw came from Indigo

I think they just scream fall and winter

I added in a grey throw, pillows I got at Ikea last year and a pillow I made out of a double sided place mat. I just split the seam on one end, threw in a pillow and sewed it back up. Not bad for a $2 place mat!





With a few accessories this room now looks cozy, defined and ready to show.

Of course we can’t forget about staging the mantle

I am a huge fan of gold right now and these pieces that I found at Indigo are perfect for fall and winter decorating.

In an upcoming post I will show you how I created my own version of these pieces.

If you have a fireplace in your home that is functional make sure that you turn it on before a showing. Nothing says warm and inviting quite like a glowing fireplace.

So there you have it. With a few quick and inexpensive pieces your home can go from bland and cold to warm and inviting in just a few minutes.

Much like jewelry can make an outfit, a few home accessories can make a room shine too.

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