DIY Gold Antler & Spiked Sphere


In my last post I talked about staging the mantle. I gave you a few pieces from Chapters that I thought would be great for fall and winter and could easily be used during the holiday season.

As much as I love both of these I can not justify paying $49 for the antler and $39 for the sphere.

So I decided to make my own with the help of a tree branch, some clay, electrical tape and gold spray paint.


Sounds like a weird combination I know but just trust me on this.

I started out with a thin tree branch to act as a guide for how I wanted the antlers to look and to also give it some structural integrity.

I cut the small shoots off the branch and taped them back on where I thought it would look the most “antlerish”.


Looks good right???

Then I started to put the clay on. I just wrapped it around the branch and with damp hands I smoothed out the seams as best as I could.


To make it even smoother I used one of my cake decorating tools.


I let it dry over night. As you can see I propped it up in a few places just to make sure the weight wouldn’t cause the clay to split apart.


After it was all dry I sanded it smooth with a fine grit sandpaper. Brush off the excess dust. There will be a lot of it!


I used Krylon gold paint for two reasons 1. Because it gives more of a matte finish as opposed to a really shiny metallic finish and 2. I already had it at my house.

IMG_2589 (2)

After the paint was dry I smeared on some walnut stain that I had lying around the house. Wipe it off immediately because it starts to get sticky if you leave it on too long.

The sphere was made from small dowels and left over clay. It took about a minute to do. Just make a ball out of your clay and start putting the dowels in all over.

When it was dry I used the same Krylon paint.

Are they as perfect as the ones from Chapters? Oh my heavens no, but they do look nice and they add a certain rustic charm to the room.

Not bad for 30 minutes of work and $5!

How are you decorating your mantle during the fall/winter season?






2 thoughts on “DIY Gold Antler & Spiked Sphere

  1. Wow, that’s amazing! I clicked over from the weekend retreat party thinking you diy’d a real antler – surprise. 🙂 Great job!

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