Day 2 of going tech free has not been easy. Cal came home sick and within three minutes of being home started crying that he didn’t know how to be sick without his ipad. Fair enough. Anytime he is ill he spends all day in front of a screen. As I am writing this he is bawling and telling me how mean I am because I won’t let him watch a rainbow loom tutorial on YouTube. Clearly he isn’t taking his punishment well.

At 4 Chris and I went for a walk before starting dinner because there was nothing else to do. The house was clean, I had finished all the work I needed to do and the kids were happy laying in bed reading. It feels like we have pressed the reset button on our family.

It still feels weird to lay in bed and read. Even Chris read  tonight. That never ever happens. Cal was actually asleep before ten. Either the lack of screen time is doing him some good or he still isn’t feeling well. We shall see.

I’m starting to realize just how much I relied on the TV for entertainment, to alleviate boredom, or to just be back ground noise. It is so quiet all the time. It’s kind of nice.

Day 3

It is 10:30 am and Sofie still hasn’t turned on her phone. I’m not even sure at this point that she remembers she has a phone. The kids are in bed playing with their rainbow looms and giggling away. Earlier this morning they were snuggling in bed reading and drawing together. So far there have been zero requests for ipads.

I made the kids go for a walk with me tonight. They played a spelling game the whole time. I must be in the twilight zone.

Day 4

At exactly 8:01 last night Callum called me upstairs to put him to bed. Ummmmm what the heck is going on??? He actually stayed in bed all night too! Sofie on the other hand seems more alert than ever.

I seriously can not believe the personality change in Callum. He seems happier and more content. I am really enjoying it. Sof and Cal spent the day playing with their looms again. I didn’t hear anything about ipads.

I’ve decided I need to walk more. I’m going to start walking to showings if they are in the neighbourhood. I usually walk in the summer but never in the winter. The cold and I are mortal enemies. No one likes a realtor that shows up looking like a mess because of the wind but it’s good for my health and good for the environment so it’s what’s going to happen.

Day 5

Cal and I went for a nice long hike this morning. He wants to be a tour guide so he was practicing his skills. On our way back we stopped off at my parents. Up until this point I had been unaware of what was going on in the world. I had zero stress. A nuclear attack could be imminent and I would have no clue. Ahhhh ignorance really is bliss. My parents gave me the low down on what has been going on in the States. It makes me feel sick. When will they realize that demonizing an entire sect of people doesn’t counter act terrorism. It turns you into the terrorist. In the evening I heard there was a shooting at a Mosque in Quebec. Come on Canada! We are better than that!

I am so sad for everyone that is being hurt by all this chaos and hatred. No one should live in fear of being hurt or denied basic human rights because of their religion. It is 12:45 and I can’t sleep. I have lived in a bubble for days and now it has burst. To everyone affected by these policies and hate crimes my heart goes out to you.


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