Freedom Part 2

Day 6

There is a price to pay for being more active and it comes in the form of giant blood blisters on the back of my feet. Seriously these things are the size of quarters. That will teach me for trying to walk instead of drive! Clearly my winter boots weren’t meant for strolling any longer than five minutes. As much as they hurt I need to keep moving. If I stop they hurt more. So now my house is extra extra clean and I am exhausted! My library card is also getting quite the workout. I think I have been there at least six times in the last two weeks. Callum is requesting books which is a nice change of pace. Usually he only wants to rent movies.

Day 7

Life without social media or tv is much easier than I thought it would be. The first day or two was weird because it is just second nature to plunk down on the couch and watch the tube while simultaneously scrolling through my phone. Now that limits have been put in place I feel more connected to the family. We have time for each other. During dinner the tv stays off so no one (mostly me)  feels like need to get back to their show. We sit and talk about our day and what we are thankful for.  Everyone seems calmer and happier. I have started to read the news online again and it is giving me heart pains. I like being well informed about what is going on in the  world but this is seriously too much. I would prefer sticking my head in the sand. What is happening in this world is terrifying. How can I explain to my kids that Muslims aren’t bad when the President just banned them because they might be terrorists? My kids are sweet and couldn’t care less about whether someone is black or white or brown, or what religion they are. They don’t care if they speak a different language or wear a niqab. If you’re a nice person then they will want to befriend you. My worry is that when you hear something like Muslims are bad over and over again you can start to believe it. I can only undo so much of that damage. when you have a world leader telling you to be wary it seems to hold a lot of sway with children.

Day 8

Callum’s punishment is over today. He was only grounded for a week. I really should have made it a month. From the second he woke up this morning all he has talked about it getting back on his ipad. I was hoping a week away from it would have made him forget. Oh I am such a fool! I’m nervous about letting him back on. It’s a slippery slope. Plus he gets super nasty when you tell him his ipad time is done. He has massive freak outs that can last upwards of two hours. Wish me luck

Day 9

I tried really hard to distract Cal so he wouldn’t go on his ipad. He saw through that charade pretty darn quickly. I ended up giving him twenty minutes to play. You would have thought I had given him a million dollars. He was so happy. He also did really well when it was time to hand over the ipad. He tried to wheel and deal to get a few extra minutes but didn’t break down when I said no. I feel like that’s progress.

Day 10

Today all I wanted to do was lay on the couch and watch tv. I didn’t do it but it was a struggle. Folding laundry while sitting in silence sucks. Usually I would have a cooking show on. Not today. I’ve been okay not being on social media. I don’t miss it at all. I am just so bored. It’s cold. I hate the cold. I do not want to be outside. I really wish it was spring. This would be so much easier if I could be in my garden. My house has never been cleaner, I have read four books and knit two scarves. I am getting all my work done and then some. I am volunteering at the kid’s school and I have never been more organized or slept better. I feel happier but I can not escape the fact that I am bored to tears. The hours just seem to drag on. The urge to watch tv just to pass some time is really difficult to get through today.

Day 14

Well it has been two weeks since my self imposed exile from social media and television and I must say I am in no rush to get back to it. Yes I am bored on occasion but overall life feels better without all the chaos from the news or the anger spewed on social media. As much as I like knowing what is happening in my friend’s lives I think I will just stick to talking to them from now on instead of getting updates through Facebook.

As for my eye sight, it has improved dramatically! I no longer feel like my eyes are dry and straining to see. I’m not getting headaches and my neck doesn’t hurt from having my head down looking at my phone.

The kids are having a much harder time. Since I allowed them back on, and despite the limits that have been set, I can see the addiction beginning again. My kids are like me. It’s all or nothing. There is no in between. So needless to say the tech ban is back on for them. I can’t blame them for the addiction. They are constantly surrounded by it. At school they play computer games during math class. When their friends come over they bring their ipads or phones and then they just stare at screens and occasionally make some kind of grunting noise at each other.

Technology is important. It connects the world and has made our lives so much easier but at the same time it is a vampire. It sucks up our time and energy. I am definitely going to steer clear of it for a while longer.



One thought on “Freedom Part 2

  1. You are a better person than I am Sarah. Although last night I did get back into my knitting and did not think of my I pad once! I guess it’s easier for me ,not having children around. I am impressed with your sticking with it!

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