A New Big Boy Bedroom- Part 2


In a previous post you saw all the elements that went into creating Callum’s new room.

Now it is time to reveal the outcome.

But first let me give you a little taste of what his room looked like before…

A mess like this was not uncommon. The drawers on the front of the bed help to contain some of Callum’s clutter.



His old desk was meant for toddlers and was being used as a place for his hamsters.



And no it wasn’t Halloween when this picture was taken. He just likes to dress up in costumes on random days.

I put up a white board over the summer above his toy box. They have since been moved and it is now the place where his desk resides.


His old bunk beds seemed so large and imposing.


Now for the moment you have all been waiting for…

I think my favourite part aside from how nice and clean everything looks is the decals.

They took about 20 minutes to put up.

I spaced them 10 inches apart. I started by doing it freehand but it looked really wonky so I ended up measuring and now it looks even and well spaced.

The water colour pictures above his bed were printed off the internet. When it gets warmer I plan on taking Callum down to the marina so he can take some pictures of boats and the lake. Using the Waterlogue app you can change any picture on your phone, ipad or computer into water colour. It’s really cool.


Callum is so thrilled with his room.

He has been keeping it clean and loves spending time drawing and writing at his desk.


His room feels so spacious now that the clutter is off the floor and everything has a place.

IMG_2226The drawers under the bed really help with keeping things clean. I used to step on all of these toys at least once a day. His floor was like walking through a mine field of angry birds and Lego.

So as traumatic as it was to say good bye to his first big boy bed I am happy that we did this for Callum. He deserves a room that is functional and fun.





A New Big Boy Bedroom-Part 1

There is a running joke in my family that I lack human emotion. I am not known for being affectionate or sentimental so I know that part of this post will come as a shock to some of my friends and family.

As you may have guessed from the title of this post we are redoing Callum’s room. He wanted a nautical theme so we have painted his room blue, ordered some vinyl decals for the walls and he got a new bed, bedding and curtains. He is so excited about having a room that is not in shambles.

I thought this would be easy. It’s just a coat of paint and some new furniture. I was so wrong.

I spent several hours pouring over wall paper designs, which duvet cover was best and different styles of beds, I just wasn’t prepared for the emotion that came with actually implementing this plan.

A few weeks ago we sold Callum’s bunk beds. I never thought I would be so sentimental over beds that I really despised. Have you ever tried making the top bunk or trying to clean it after a child has thrown up? It is awful. I thought I would be happy to see these beds go.

Then I remembered everything that these beds represent.  Not only was this Callum’s first big boy bed it was also the place where Sofie finally slept through the night.

Sofie was six when we got these beds. The first night we got them she wanted to sleep with Callum. We were fine with it figuring that Callum might enjoy the company. Turns out it was Sofie that needed Callum. For six years Sofie did not slept through the night. She had constant nightmares and was a sleepwalker. It was awful! Then we got these beds and it was like a gift from God. She finally slept. She finally felt safe and secure.

These beds were a huge milestone for Sofie and Callum and I was surprisingly sad to see them leave. I actually needed a hug from Chris.

At this point I know my mom is running to get my step father to tell him that I have a feeling.

Sofie slept with Callum off and on for two years. Callum was her security blanket. She needed him and he was happy to be there for her. I feel so blessed that my children have so much love for each other and that at such a young age they knew how important they were to each other.

Okay, enough of the sentimental stuff.

His room is almost complete except for the decals which are en route from Israel.

His bed came from Ikea and was $299.00. We sold his bunk beds for $200.00 so we only paid $99.00

cals bed

It is a trundle bed with drawers on the front. Having an extra bed is a necessity for sleepovers and for poor Sofie. When we have relatives stay with us she gets the boot from her room and sleeps with Callum.

His curtains and bedding came from West Elm.

Everything was on sale so the grand total was $147.00

The decals are from Etsy and they were $45.00



The paint is a very light blue from Sherwin Williams. I had a 30% off coupon and it was still $60.00! It was worth it though. It covered the green paint in one coat.


We also got a desk for Callum for $30.oo on Kijiji.

Grand total for everything…$321.00.

This is a bedroom that he can grow up with and I won’t have to paint or redecorate for several years.

Stay tuned.. the reveal will be coming later this week.




DIY Head Board


I have the best husband! He has been so busy with work and making a very large harvest table for a friend and yet he still carved out time to make a beautiful headboard just so I would be happy

He’s pretty awesome

This is what our old headboard looked like


It was okay but we were looking for something a bit more stylish


As I mentioned in a previous post I got the fabric from Tonic Living



The nail head trim is from Joann Fabrics

nail heads

We weren’t going to remove the current headboard as it keeps the bed from falling apart

Chris came up with a plan to cover the front and the sides so you couldn’t tell that the original headboard was still there

He started by cutting out a very large piece of ply wood and attaching 1×2 pieces of wood to the top and sides


We attached the foam with a staple gun

As you can see the foam looks like a disaster. We couldn’t find a piece that was large enough so we made do with what we had


When the foam was covered by the batting you couldn’t tell that it was made up of several different pieces.

Then we put the fabric on. I love working with solid fabric because if your fabric isn’t perfectly straight you can’t tell

Finally it was time to add the nail head trim

I started by drawing a chalk line on the fabric to mark where the trim would go


This stuff is genius! It only took about 5 minutes to put all the trim on. It comes in a 5 yard length and is easy to turn and cut.

I have gone the individual nail head route before and it is tedious and painful to say the least. Any time I have a project that involves nail heads I will use this.


This is the final result





I am in love with it!

This head board from Restoration Hardware was our inspiration and I think Chris did a pretty great job of matching it


Cost break down:

Fabric – $42 from Tonic Living

Ply wood and wood trim – $45

Nail head trim – $12 with a 60% off coupon at Joann Fabric

Foam and batting -$50

Total cost:$149.00

It wasn’t as cheap as I would have liked but it is better then spending $1800 at Restoration Hardware!



Faux Fur Tree Skirt

tree skirt

Every year I get more and more frustrated by the amount of cat fur left behind on our tree skirt

As soon as the tree goes up the cats immediately gravitate to it and refuse to leave for the next month.

I am getting pretty sick of the clumps of hair


I decided that this year I would stop fighting it and make a tree skirt that could conceal their mess

Faux Fur is easy to work with, inexpensive and looks and feels snuggly warm

I bought the fur from Joann Fabrics it was only $6.49 a yard!

I used two yards

I used my old tree skirt as a template.


Fold in half once and then fold in half again so it looks like this


Fold the fur the same way and cut out around the template


As you can see the cats are already obsessed with the fur

Cut up one side so you can wrap the skirt around the tree

This whole project took a grand total of 3 minutes

I stuck some Velcro on the sides so it wouldn’t slide around as soon as the cats were on it


As you can tell the cats are big fans of their new comfy spot





Master Bedroom Re-do

We have painted and fixed up every room in our house except our bedroom.

It is time for a change.

We have been thinking about paint colours and new curtains since we moved in but other projects always took priority.

We still have a zillion other things on the go, Chris is making a huge 10 x 3 1/2 foot table, we are installing a fire place in the living room which Chris will be building the mantle for, our kitchen ceiling needs to be painted, and our basement needs some serious TLC but for the next little while our bedroom will be my main focus.

This is what it currently looks like

I love the brick wall so we won’t be changing that

The paint colour in the rest of the room will be changed to Benjamin Moore’s Collectors Item. It is the same colour we used in our living room. It is an off white that picks up on the other colours in the room and depending on the amount of sunlight it can look like a really light pink or light beige.

collectors item

We will also be making a new headboard

This is our inspiration


I will also be making new throw pillows

I ordered the fabric for the headboard and pillows from Tonic Living in Toronto. I love their fabrics!

I am going to leave the roman blinds for now. Chris doesn’t like them but I think they are cute.

As you can see from the picture our light fixture is also blue. I really love it and I don’t want to buy a new one so I am going to use some fabric paint to change the colour.

IMG_1173 (2)

I hope to get this all finished before Christmas but I doubt we will.

We should be getting started on the headboard next week which I am super excited about.

Check back for a tutorial on making the head board and to see the completed room.