A place to rest your head – DIY tufted headboard

It has been way to long since I have posted! Things have been super crazy since the kids went back to school. Some how I am busier now than I was when I worked full time for the school board. It is a good busy though. I have been volunteering at the kid’s school and our house is always clean so everyone is happy. We did have a few days of unscheduled and not at all fun chaos. Callum got pneumonia and had a brief stay in the hospital. Look at that sad face. He looks like an old man hooked up to the oxygen like that.


By the next day he was feeling great and was trying to run around his hospital room. Not easy when you are attached to an IV!

The great thing about real estate is that I can make my own hours which allows me to go and see Sofie participating in school sports. Sofie has been running cross country which she loves. This is her second year on the school’s cross country team. She got 33rd in her first race and 19th in her second. We are so proud of her!


Sofie did get some sad news at the beginning of the year. Due to a decline in enrollment at her school her favourite teacher would have to leave and go to another school. It was a shock to the school community to say the least. Sofie decided that she needed to do something fabulous to celebrate and thank her. She decided a piñata cake would do the trick. A piñata cake is really easy to make. Stack 3 layers of cake on top of each other and hollow out the middle. Fill with any candy you choose and top with a 4th layer of cake. Cover in butter cream or fondant. When you cut into it a bunch of candy falls out. Her teacher was very surprised and happy with the cake.


So as you can see September was a busy month. Now that we are into October things seem to be calming down. The kids have a routine and all of our summer projects are getting wrapped up. We can finally relax. Or maybe not. Last night Chris and I decided it was finally time to finish Sofie’s headboard. We have been putting it off since May. I got the fabric from an amazing store in Toronto call Tonic Living. They have a huge selection of beautiful fabrics and most of it is chemical free. They also have a line of organic fabric.

To start we had a piece of MDF that was 40×52. Chris sketched a pattern on the top of one side and then cut it out. He used the cut out to trace the pattern onto the other side so things would match.


After that we added the foam and batting.

Next comes the fabric. It was tricky to put on because of the contours at the top, but we managed to make it work.

The tufting was the most time consuming part. Word of warning you need a very long needle and strong thread.  We put thumb tacks on the back so we could knot the thread around it. After everything was tight and knotted we hammered the tacks all the way in so the thread wouldn’t move.

The buttons were a pain to make. You can get button making kits from any fabric store. Maybe my fabric was too thick because it took me an hour to make 5. The backs wouldn’t stay on so I got the bright idea to push them in with a screw driver. This helped immensely and it only took 20 minutes to do the other 20 buttons.


Here is the finished product.



Sofie is very happy with it. Her room is finally complete! Making the head board instead of buying one was totally worth it. Tufted headboards are usually hundreds of dollars. Here is our cost break down

MDF: free because we got it from a friend

Foam:  $70

Fabric: $30

Batting and button kits: $22

The grand total $122 and a few hours of our time! Custom shape and colour for a fraction of the cost, and it looks just as good as any headboard you would buy from a store.  Totally worth the cramped fingers from the button making.


The Snowball Effect

Have you ever read the story “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”? It is a cute tale about a mouse who wants a cookie and a child who tends to his every need. To me it sounds a bit like being a mother. Here is a sample of the story…

if you give a mouse a cookie


“If you give a mouse a cookie, he’s going to ask for a glass of milk.  When you give him the milk, he’ll probably ask you for a straw.  When he’s finished, he’ll ask you for a napkin.”

Sound familiar? To me it totally sounds like a mom taking care of her kids. You do one thing and it just keeps snowballing until the end of the story when all that mouse wants is a cookie again.

I think I might write a book about a mom trying to do housework. It will be called “If You Give a Mom a Vacuum”. It will go something like this…

If you give a mom a vacuum she will try to clean your bedroom floor.

She will notice that your floor is covered in junk and needs to be cleaned before it can be vacuumed.

She will pick up all the toys and start to put them away.

She will then notice that half the stuff in your room you never play with anymore.

Mom will get the great idea that she needs to get rid of your toys by having a yard sale.

If she decides to have a yard sale she will have to go through the entire house getting rid of things that no one has touched for years.

While going through old books and blenders she will find a photo album and need to get distracted for a good half hour looking at pictures of herself in her youth.

When she snaps back to reality she will have noticed that she has made a bigger mess than she originally started out with.

She will become angry and may say a few choice words.

After much mumbling and cursing she will have amassed a large pile of things that she is ready to sell much to her families dismay.

By this time mom is exhausted and will probably need a glass of wine.

When mom sits down with her wine she will suddenly realise she never vacuumed your floor.

The cycle begins again.

The End.

I don’t know about you but I think it will be a best seller!

Any other moms feel that this is what happens to them, or is it just me? You try to complete one simple chore and the next thing you know you have done a zillion other things except the one thing you set out to accomplish?

Maybe that’s why moms are so tired all the time.



Nearing the finish line

The office is soooooo close to being finished! I can not begin to tell you how excited that makes me. I haven’t been able to post anything in the last week because Chris and I have been busy reorganizing the office (which of course leads into reorganizing the rest of the house), painting filing cabinets, and making this HUGE desk. Having such a large work space is so wonderful. Thank you to my amazing husband for creating this masterpiece.

Here are some pictures of the office turning from a nightmare into a dream work space

So close to being complete!


The desk is 10 feet long so I had to take the picture from outside and I still couldn’t fit the whole thing in the frame!

Chris painted the filing cabinets white and bought new silver handles for them. The drawers looked like this before.

Pretty terrible! Chris will be building a small platform to raise them up a few inches. That way they can support the weight of the desk. I was thinking of putting some kind of fancy stencil on the front but I think I like how it is now.

The chairs were a steal! I got them for $11 marked down from $60! I would like to thank my mother in law Clare for introducing me to the wonderful world of Home Sense which is where I found this bargain.


I wish I had picture of how Chris put this together but of course I forgot to take some. Basically Chris got three 10 foot pieces of walnut and glued them together. He then sent it through a planer to make it nice and smooth.  He oiled it up 3 or 4 times and then gave it a nice polish with some bees wax. All in all it took only a few days to complete it. I have said it about a zillion times in the last few days and I think it needs to be said again…I am thrilled with how this has turned out.

To finish the space off we will be heading to Ikea to get a cabinet to hold office supplies that will go above the desk and an area rug. I am also thinking of spray painting the chairs. Maybe silver or white or maybe I will just leave them black.

This is a desk that I can work at! No clutter (on my side anyway), lots of storage, and most importantly the hubby and I can work side by side now and not have to fight to have access to the desk.

More office updates coming soon.

My working conditions are subpar at best

I  started working from home a month ago and I must say that it is an adjustment. I now have to share a work space with my hubby and I don’t think he is enjoying it. Neither am I. The only reason I ever used our home office before was to surf the net or print off a few random things (mostly coupons). I am now taking over and neither of us can stand it. So we have decided it is time for an office make over. Chris is building a 10 foot desk that spans one wall so we can both have a work space and hopefully stay organized. Here is how the office looked before.


The desk was cleaned off so we could sell it online.

Everything from the desk now resides on the floor. We sold the desk this morning (yeah) and we’re stuck without a desk for a few days to a week. So how are we making do? Well our current office situation looks like this…


Nice and cozy. It is actually quite awful. The stool is too tall for the child sized table and it is causing major back pain. Stay tuned for the office clean up and desk reveal.

A boy and his love of crayons

My little guy  has been asking me to make pictures for his room for a while now. I tried a few things that didn’t pan out so I kept putting it off. Meanwhile he kept asking.  Look at how sad he is that he doesn’t have pictures in his room. Actually he is just mad that I had a camera in his face.


Eventually I bent to his request and we made a trip to the dollar store in search of some art supplies. By supplies I mean crayons and 3 canvases.

I had recently seen art like this done on Pinterest so I decided it would be the easiest/cheapest way to go.

All you need is crayons, a hair dyer and a canvas. I started off by peeling the crayons and holding them over the canvas to get the “splittity splot”  effect that Callum is so fond of. Unfortunately it was burning my fingers so that stopped pretty quickly.


I needed to find a way to make this work without getting 3rd degree burns. My weapon of choice… a fondue fork obviously

It worked like a charm. 004

When it was all said and done I asked Callum how he wanted his pictures placed. He said “one up, one down, and one waaaay down. You know like stairs.” He then ran out of his room like a crazy person. I called upon my hubby to hang the pictures. I am not allowed to do this because I don’t use a tape measure and make a mess of things which results in a lot of anger.


This is how they turned out. I really like them. Fast, cheap and easy to make. Most importantly Callum thinks they are cool.

Remember to cover your work space in newspaper. Just trust me on this. You do not want to spend your time scraping splattered crayon off your kitchen counters.